E2K is a national movement that aims to improve the quality of basic education in our public schools as awell as provide opportunities to Out of School Youth to finish their education in order to create productive citizens for the future.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

WANTED: Education Reform Volunteers!

Ang Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K) is a national movement that aims to improve the quality of basic education in our country. E2K is currently led by distinguished individuals in the field of education reform namely, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Mayor Jesse Robredo of Naga City, Fr. Ben Nebres, S.J. of Ateneo de Manila, Dr. Milwida Guevara of Synergeia Foundation and former DepEd Usec. Mike Luz.

One of our major initiatives right now is the development of a Public School Teachers Privilege Card . As we all know, our public school teachers are one of the most important human resources of our nation since they are tasked to prepare our future generation, yet, despite this fact they are also one of the most neglected. Many public school teachers in the country have to live on a monthly take home salary of only P 3, 000.00. Thus, it is no wonder that some of them do not anymore focus on teaching well but resort to doing other activities such as selling products to students during class time. It is with this in mind that E2K hopes to develop a privilege card that would provide public school teachers with discounts to various establishments including groceries, drug stores and bookstores.

We are now inviting you to help us out in making this project a reality for the more than 400,000 public school teachers all over the country.

We hope that you would heed our call in making education work for our future generations! :) If you would accept our invitation to be part of this worthwhile project, please email Mark Ruiz at ruizmark@gmail.com or Laila Deles at lailadeles@gmail.com .

Thank you for your time and on behalf of our many public school teachers, thank you as well for helping make their lives better!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Compose a brief, catchy slogan or tagline to popularize "Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran"!

The key out of poverty, the main tool in being able to live the good life begins with a sound education. However, the sad reality in our country is that many Filipino children do not receive a good education due to the many problems that currently beset our public school system. Thus, Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K) aims to address this growing problem in our country by building a constituency that would work for policy reforms in our public basic education system.
For more information about E2K, visit our website at www.e2kphilippines.blogspot.com

Entries are now accepted to the Slogan/ Tagline competition. These must capture and convey the theme of "Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran". Example (English): "A good education is the key to a good future!" (Capampamgan): "Aliwa ya ing megaral!"

A. Who may join: All Filipino citizens aged 18 years old and above.

B. The slogan can be in English, Filipino, Tagalog, Cebuano, or any of the other major dialects in the Philippines

C. How to join:
1. Text in E2K followed by your slogan and complete name/age/Contact Number to 0921-4079420.
2. Entries, in the same format as above, may also be sent via email with the subject "E2K SLOGAN" to e2kphilippines@gmail.com .
3. Please make sure that the slogan/ tagline itself is not more than 135 characters long (including spaces and punctuation marks)
4. Example: E2K Edukasyon para sa bawat Pilipino! Maria Clara/54/09176910169

D. There is no limit to the number of entries that a person can submit. However, a participant can win only once.
E. All entries should be received on or before September 15, 2006 at 11:59pm . If there is a duplication in the entries received (i.e., two exact entries were sent in by different persons), it shall be credited to the participant who sent the earlier received entry.
F. The board of judges will be composed of the core group of E2K.
G. Criteria for judging: relevance to the theme, clarity/ impact as a slogan, catchiness, originality.
H. Three slogans will be selected as winners in the E2K Slogan making contest but will be ranked according to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.
I. The winners will win prizes worth of cellphone load of their cellular network (GLOBE/SMART/SUN) : First prize: P 1,000.00Second prize: P 500.00 Third prize: P300.00
J. Winners will be announced on or before September 30, 2006 .
K. Participants waive the right to the slogans/taglines that will be selected as finalists and winners. Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K) will own the rights to these slogans.
L. Employees of E2K and their relatives up to the third degree of affinity and consanguinity are disqualified from joining the contest.

Ano pang hinihintay niyo? Sali na at itaguyod natin ang estado ng edukasyon sa ating bansa!

Sunday, August 27, 2006

What is Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K)?

Edukasyon Tungo sa Kaunlaran (E2K) is a national movement that seeks to build a constituency that will work towards making quality Basic Education possible for every Filipino Child. The prime movers and founders of E2K are Naga City Mayor Jesse Robredo, an exemplary city mayor and a Ramon Magsaysay Awardee for Government Service (Asia's Nobel Prize) and Harvey Keh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Pathways to Higher Education at the Ateneo de Manila University.

Every Filipino is invited to be part of E2K and to help in alleviating the problems of our public school system. Through the collective effort of the members of E2K, we hope to be able to give a better and brighter future to every Filipino Child.

You may contact E2K at (02) 723-2777 or email us at e2kphilippines@gmail.com

Our Board of Advisers

Sec. Rafael Coscolluela - Chairperson
Pres. Adviser for Western Visayas
Board Member, Synergeia Foundation

Jesse Robredo - President
Mayor, Naga City

Harvey Keh - Secretary-General
Executive Director, Pathways to Higher Education-Ateneo de Manila University
Treasurer, Synergeia Foundation

Fr. Bienvenido F. Nebres, S.J.
President, Ateneo de Manila University

Dr. Milwida Guevara
President & CEO, Synergeia Foundation

Prof. Ernesto Garilao
Executive Director, Asian Institute of Management (AIM)-Mirant Center for Bridging Societal Divides

Juan Miguel Luz
President, International Institute for Rural Reconstruction
Former Department of Education Undersecretary

Benjamin Abadiano
President, Assisi Foundation

Ma. Lourdes Tiquia
Founder and General Manager, Publicus, Ltd.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Volunteer for E2K!

Take part and believe in our cause! Show your support in volunteering for E2K and you can help us with the following projects:

  • Development of the E2K Website
  • Development of E2K Promotional Materials
  • Organize E2K events and activities
  • Write feature stories on E2K
  • Promote E2K and broaden our membership base

If you are interested to help us out in the following areas specified, please send us an e-mail at e2kphilippines@gmail.com!

Thank you and we hope to hear from all of you soon! :-)


E2K's Platform and agenda for governance will push for the G.I.F.T. Program since Quality Education should be a Gift that we should give each and every Filipino Child G.I.F.T. stands for the following:

G reater Community Participation in Education

Empowerment for greater participation in Education of the local school board towards engaging the local community and other stakeholders such as the Barangay, Parent-Teacher Associations and the Business. Development of incentives for private enterprises or individuals that donate directly to the public school system.

I mproving student performance especially in reading and mathematics

Development of policies that enable successful and innovative education reform programs such as the Synergia Foundation's Reading Program to be implemented on a national level. Increase in Reading and Mathematics scores at the Basic Education level by at least 5 percentage points every year.

F ocus on School Leadership

Training and Empowerment of school principals that gear toward school transformation by mobilizing different sectors towards improving test scores, attendance and survival of students.

T eacher Development and Capacity Building

Systematic training and supplemental programs that retool the teacher. Teacher's Welfare will be addressed by pushing for additional benefits and incentives.

JOIN THE EDUCATIONAL REVOLUTION, send your complete name, address and contact NUMBERS at e2kphilippines@gmail.com or text us at 0920-9508171.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The State of Philippine Education

The State of Philippine Education is in crisis...

As we all know the current state of public education in our country is depressing and can be seen by the following statistics:

More than 90% of our students study at public schools
Out of 10 students who eneter Grade 1...
  • 6 will be able to finish elementary school
  • 4 will be able to finish high school
  • 2 will be able to finish with a 4 year college degree
Only 2% passed if 75% was used as the passing mark and only 8% passed if 50% was used as the passing mark (2004 HRET given by DepEd to 1st year high school students)

Average class size in most public school elementary and high schools is 60 students. In some areas, there are more than 100 students in one class!

20% of our public high school students are diagnosed to be Non-Readers

In 1999 and 2003, International Math and Science Survey conducted among 13 year old students from more than 50 countries all over the world, the Philippines ranked 3rd to the last!

Congress allots more than 100 billion pesos annually for Education but more than 90% of it goes to personnel services (salaries and benefits of teachers and personnel) and less than 10% goes to improvement of facilities, purchase of textbooks and training of teachers.

So, what can you do about the situation at hand?
Show your support by volunteering for E2K, e-mail us at e2kphilippines@gmail.com to learn more about it.